for the love of calves

The Milk Bar® philosophy is simple, controlling the flow of milk and regulating the drinking speed improves calf health.

Founded on our small family farm, up north in New Zealand, we pioneered controlled flow feeding with the breakthrough invention of the Milk Bar™ Teat.
The Milk Bar™ Teat regulates the milk flow to a natural speed so the digestive system functions as it should. Calves are heavier, healthier and need less management.
We are still a family business. No shareholders, no third parties, just a love of calves and a passion for evidence-based teat design.


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All Milk Bar products are designed from our own farming experiences and, from spending time on farms all over the world. 

If it doesn’t improve the calf shed, we don’t make it.

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Troubleshoot Calf Rearing

There’s so much information available, often conflicting, and overwhelming! 

We focus on research that supports calf digestion to help you get the most out of your nutrition and genetics programmes.

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Millions of calves around the world use Milk Bar. Hot or cold climates, groups or individually fed, it’s the Milk Bar™ Teat that makes the difference!

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