It’s not just about milk, water and starter ration play their part in calf development.

 Water is beneficial to the development of the rumen and is essential for the digestion and the metabolic function of the calf. Even slight dehydration an affect the metabolic function and reduce feed intake. Starter ration consumption is critical to improving rumen development, increasing daily gains, and reducing rearing costs.

Developing a healthy rumen early is vital to ease the transition from a pre-ruminant to a ruminant animal. The enzymes in starter ration stimulate and develop the rumen.

A healthy rumen has a dark colouration which is caused by increased tissue mass and large blood vessels. From the age of six weeks calves can start to use some energy and nutrition from starter ration. Provided they are eating 700 grams of starter ration, at six weeks, you can start to reduce the milk volume.

All Milk Bar Meal and Waterers have been designed to fit any shed configuration and budget and offer practical, durable solutions. U.V stabilised these Milk Bar solutions can be used inside or out.

Braden Start Bottle

Product Code: 930100
The perfect tool to train young calves. Keeps contents fresh and reduces waste while calves learn to eat starter ration.

Braden Start Nipple

Product Code: 930200
Replacement nipple for the Braden Start Bottle

Milk Bar™ Snack Bar

Product Code: 930800
Ideal for snacks for all sorts of animals! The Snack Bar is highly durable and will last for many years both inside and out.

Milk Bar™ Munch Trough

Product Code: 930700
Originally designed for horses that like to throw their feed around, the high back and sides of the Munch Trough prevents spillage. Ideal for calves, horses, cattle, emus and alpacas or anything else you can think of!

Milk Bar™ Bird Proof Meal Bar

Product Code: 930900
The first meal feeder with bird proofing flaps, the Bird Proof Meal Bar is an oldie but a goodie! Its had a few modifications over the years and 26 years on, is still a go to solution for farmers.

Milk Bar™ Meal Saver

Product Code: 930600
The ultimate outside meal feeder, wind proof, pest proof and water proof. Counterbalanced lids keep contents dry and protected from pests to eliminate waste.

Milk Bar™ Snack Water Trough

Product Code: 935300
The Snack Water Trough has the float valve fitted to the middle of the trough so you can use one waterer between two adjoining calf pens for an economical water solution.

Milk Bar™ Pen Waterer 1

Product Code: 935100
Our absolute favourite water solution! Unique covered design keeps water fresh, clean and safe from calves doing their business in the trough!

Milk Bar™ Pen Waterer 3

Product Code: 929001
All the same benefits as the Milk Bar™ Pen Waterer 1 but with three drinking bays for large groups of calves, sheep or goats.

Milk Bar™ Pen Waterer 6

Product Code: 935500
All the same benefits as the Milk Bar™ Pen Waterer 1 but with six drinking bays for large groups of calves, sheep or goats, or to use between adjoining pens.

Milk Bar™ Float Valve

Product Code: 935402
You can use the Float Valve on any trough you have to turn it into a waterer!

Research Tip! Calves need four times more water than dry matter or a four to one (4:1) ratio.

If a calf eats 500 gms of dry matter a day, she will need at least 2 L of water. As she reaches weaning and is eating 1 kg per day, she will need 4 L of water. Limiting water, directly impacts dry matter consumption, and affects the animal’s performance. Ensuring access to clean, fresh water can increase water consumption by 32% which, in turn, can increase meal uptake by 13%, leading to improvements in average dairy weight gains!