Lamb & Kid Feeders

From bottle fed lambs and kids to automatic systems, we have a solution for any sized operation.

Milk Bar™ Lamb and Kid feeders have open lines and no tubes to make cleaning easier. The milk channel is deep but nicely sloped so you can get a brush into it.

We’ve made our feeders as light as possible without compromising the strength and durability and they interstack with teats fitted so you can carry multiple feeders at the same time.

If you use an Automatic system, the Milk Bar range of feeders is ideal to use for training young lambs and kids before shifting them to the bigger group.

Milk Bar™ Lamb & Kid training feeders

The training feeders are fitted with a Milk Bar™ Lamb/ Kid Training Teat to make training simple.

Ideally you would use these feeders for the first few days during the training phase.

When the lambs or kids are feeding well, swap them onto the firmer Milk Bar™ Teat so they nurse at the controlled flow needed to protect the digestive system.

Milk Bar ™ Lamb/ Kid Bottle

Product Code: 928100
The perfect shape and weight for training young lambs and kids.
The Trainer Bottle is fitted with a Milk Bar™ Training Teat which is a little softer to make training easier.

Milk Bar ™ Lamb/ Kid 3 - Training Teat

Product Code: 928700
The same durable and practical feeder as the Milk Bar™ Lamb/ Kid 3 but fitted with Milk Bar™ Lamb/ Kid Training Teats to easily train and support young lambs and kids.

Milk Bar ™ Lamb/Kid 5 Compartment - Training Teat

Product Code: 928601
The same usability as the Milk Bar™ Lamb/ Kid 5 Compartment but fitted with softer Training Teats to use in your training pens.

Milk Bar ™ Lamb/ Kid 7 - Training Teat

Product Code: 928401
All the same benefits as the Milk Bar™ Lamb/ Kid 7 but fitted with Training Teats.

Top Tip! Teat height

For best results hang your feeders so the teats are around 25cm from the ground. This helps the lambs and kids to achieve a good neck placement.

Milk Bar™ Lamb & Kid feeders

Lots of options to suit all sorts of operations from commercial to pets!

Milk Bar ™ Lamb/ Kid 3

Product Code: 928300
From feeding a few pet lambs to smaller groups on a commercial operation, this is a super handy little feeder to have in your shed.

Milk Bar ™ Lamb/ Kid 7

Product Code: 928400
Fitted with a carry handle you can easily fill the Milk Bar™ Lamb/ Kid 7 at the kitchen and carry it out to the lambs or kids.
There are gradient steps every 5 L and a self-locking catch keeps it on the rail.

Milk Bar ™ Lamb/ Kid Ad Lib 9

Product Code: 929600
Feeding lambs and kids Ad Libitum can be a practical solution but lambs and kids have very sharp teeth and can easily tear or puncture teats causing leakage.
The Milk Bar™ Ad Lib 9 solves this problem by raising the teat height to prevent milk wastage.

Milk Bar ™ Lamb/ Kid 10

Product Code: 928500
Ezi Lock Hooks make this the most versatile feeder. You can secure the feeder to wooden rails, steel gates or wire mesh.
An ideal feeder for groups of similar age and weight.

Milk Bar ™ Lamb/ Kid 20

Product Code: 928525
Perfect for hanging on a gate along the front of the pen.
Fitted with aluminium hooks which are pre-drilled to give some flexibility on rail width.

Milk Bar ™ Lamb/ Kid 30

Product Code: 928900
A brilliant option for large groups, easy to move and easy to clean.
Fitted with Milk Bar™ Lamb/ Kid Teats to control the flow and reduce gorging and bloat.

Milk Bar ™ Lamb/Kid 5 Compartment

Product Code: 928600
Super popular for sorting lambs and kids into drinking groups and where you need to monitor milk intake more closely.

Milk Bar ™ Lamb/Kid 10 Compartment

Product Code: 928650
Brilliant for bigger groups where you need to monitor intake.
Although its fairly long, it is light and easy to handle.

Tip! Spare teats reduce biting

Lambs and kids love to bite the teats! Having more teats than lambs on your feeder seems to stop this, so choosing a feeder that has extra teats will save replacing the teats as often!

Milk Bar™ Solution for Automatic Feeders

The Milk Bar™ Teat is a crucial tool for any feeding system. The controlled flow works in harmony with the digestive system to reduce the common problems. Automatic feeders have many great attributes and by simply attaching a Milk Bar™ Teat Separator to your machine you can have the best of both worlds!

Milk Bar ™ 3 Teat Separator for Kids

Product Code: 929500
The Milk Bar™ 3 Teat Separator allows you to use Milk Bar™ Teats on Automatic Feeders so lambs and kids produce maximum saliva for improved immunity and health!