Using a teat specifically designed to optimise digestion makes the world of difference to your lambs and kids! 

Lambs and kids are boisterous and fun loving, they really do put a smile on your face! They can also be especially fragile and extra care of their digestive system is important. 
Milk Bar™ Lamb and Kid Teats control the flow of milk so lambs and kids can feed at a healthy, natural speed and produce the right amount of saliva for natural immune protection. 
Saliva has antimicrobial properties that boosts immunity and is produced through suckling with a controlled flow of milk.
The controlled flow allows the digestive system to function and the milk to correctly curd to reduce the problems of diarrhoea and bloating.

Milk Bar™ Lamb/ Kid Teat

Product Code: 900200
The controlled flow works in harmony with the digestive system to reduce problems with bloat and diarrhoea.

Milk Bar™ Lamb/ Kid Training Teat

Product Code: 900400
The Milk Bar™ Lamb/ Kid Training Teat has been specifically formulated to make training lambs and kids easy whilst still ensuring that the saliva is produced for immunity.

Milk Bar™ Automatic Teat for Lamb/Kid (10 Pack)

Product Code: 900620
Fits typical automatic feeder teat stations and Milk Bar™ Teat Separators. Controls the flow to improve animal performance.

Milk Bar™ Automatic Training Teat for Lamb/Kid (10 Pack)

Product Code: 900630
The Milk Bar™ Lamb/ Kid Automatic Training Teat is a softer formulation to make the training phase easier.

I’m used to a fast flow teat, why should I switch to controlled flow?

Faster flow teats change the way kids and lambs drink. Instead of drinking with the controlled sucking action they would when drinking from the ewe or nanny, the milk is forced into the mouth, and they can gulp very quickly.
Nutritional diarrhoea, bloat and poor performance can be common side effects of fast drinking, but by slowing the flow of milk, the digestive system can more efficiently so there is less work for you!

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