We only make teats that are good for calves

The philosophy is simple: control the milk flow, work in harmony with the digestive system, and calves are heavier, healthier and easier to rear.

Milk Bar® developed the controlled milk flow system on the family farm. With our specialized flow control, calves suckle perfectly and create more saliva to boost immunity and strengthen digestion.  Improved digestion produces heavier, more robust calves.  Increased lactose absorption reduces diarrhoea.  The natural suckling instinct is satisfied, so calves no longer cross suckle. 

It's simple, and it works.

Milk Bar™ Teat

Product Code: 900100
For over 30 years the Milk Bar™ Teat has been delivering four key benefits to farmers (and calves!):
Increased ADG
Reduced cross suckling
Increased lactose absorption (reducing diarrhoea)
Maximises saliva production to boost immunity
Milk Bar™ Teats come in packs of 10 and 50.

Milk Bar™ Teat – Round Back

Product Code: 900100-R
All the health benefits calves know and love but with a round back to use in feeders with tubes.
Milk Bar™ Teats with round backs come in packs of 10.

Milk Bar™ Training Teat

Product Code: 900300
Specifically formulated for very young or weaker calves. The correct, natural suckling makes training easier to support young calves. Pop them into your training feeders to give calves a great start.
Milk Bar™ Training Teats come in packs of 10.

Milk Bar™ Automatic Teat for Calves

Product Code: 900600
A controlled flow teat for automatic feeders that improves calf health and performance.
Milk Bar™ Automatic Teats come in packs of 10.

Milk Bar™ Revolution Snap On Nipple

Product Code: 900700
A seriously engineered snap on bottle nipple for farmer serious about calf health.
The built in technology supports good digestive health for exceptional calf performance.

Calf Buddy™ Teat

Product Code: 900000
The Calf Buddy™ Teat is designed for hutch buckets with a 38mm hole. With no screw in valves, the ultra hygienic connection system replicates a pull through teat design.
Calf Buddy™ 'Teats come in packs of 10.

Calf Buddy™Training Teat

Product Code: 900010
Use for training calves in your existing hutch buckets. A softer formulation but calves still produce saliva to boost immunity.

Calf Buddy™ Starter Pack

Product Code: 900002
NEW!! If your using hutch buckets and want to enjoy all the health benefits of the controlled flow from Milk Bar™ Teats, then this is the teat and connector for you! 10 Calf Buddy™ Grow Me Teats and 10 Calf Buddy™ Connectors to transform your hutch buckets.

Calf Buddy™ Connector

Product Code: 900001
Designed to connect the Calf Buddy™ Teat to a typical hutch bucket. Being a pull through design makes this connection super hygienic with no threads or valves! Calf Buddy™ Connectors come in packs of 10

Milk Bar™ Screw Caps 10 pcs

Product Code: 961200
Feeders with screw caps? Dont worry, you can still use Milk Bar™ Teats with the Milk Bar™ Screw Cap!

I'm used to fast flow teat, why should I switch to controlled flow?

Faster flow teats change the way a calf drinks. Instead of drinking with the controlled sucking action she would when drinking from a cow, the milk is forced into her mouth, and she gulps quickly.

These are the signs calves will show you if the milk flow is too fast:


  • They are unsettled when drinking, coming on and off the teat (breakaway behaviour).
  • They step back and cough during feeding.
  • After feeding they are hyperactive and try to suck on anything around them (cross suckling).
  • They will have some nutritional diarrhoea.

Learn more about the effects of fast feeding

We use buckets to feed the calves, why should we change?

For a calf, learning to drink from a bucket is a crazy idea! A calf is supposed to suckle. She was born with a natural suckling instinct and her digestive system is geared around milk being delivered from a teat. Calves fed from buckets require intensive management. Absolutely no saliva is produced impacting digestive processes and immunity. Calves are extremely unsettled after feeding and will hyperactively cross suckle after feeding. Although cheap, bucket feeding should be avoided as the most unnatural and unhealthy system for a calf.

Learn how bucket feeding impacts calf health

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Using a system specifically designed to optimise calf digestion can really make the world of difference to your farm!

Milk Bar™ Teat
  • Typically delivers milk at around +2.30 minutes to 3 minutes per litre
  • Improves lactose absorption
  • Minimal nutritional diarrhoea
  • Minimal cross suckling
  • Improves average daily gain
  • Calves can be weaned earlier
  • Reduced calf management
  • Reduced cost per calf
  • Durable, longer lasting teat
Faster Flow Teat
  • Typically delivers milk at under 2 minutes per litre
  • Reduced lactose absorption
  • Nutritional diarrhoea is common
  • Cross suckling is common
  • Reduced average daily gain
  • Longer weaning period 
  • High calf management
  • High cost per calf *
  • Reasonable to poor quality teat

*Electrolytes, medication, staff time

Bucket Feeding
  • Calves gulp milk at high speed
  • Reduced lactose absorption
  • Nutritional diarrhoea is very common
  • Cross suckling is very common
  • Poor average daily gain
  • Longer weaning period
  • Very high calf management
  • High cost per calf *
  • Buckets are cheap to buy

* Electrolytes, medication, staff time

Did you know...

Milk Bar™ Teats grow on trees. Well, we don’t go and pick them, but we won’t use any oil based or synthetic rubber.



Our rubber comes from selected regions that have a premium natural resource to give the rubber the right tension and pliability. When the rubber arrives, we make some teats, and test them in our feeding simulator. As far as we know, we are the only company that does this.

We accept teats that perform at 20 hours in the simulator. This is around 100 feeds at the optimum flow rate. Any more than that and it’s too hard for the calves to drink, any less and the teats don’t last, it’s a fine line! Rubber that doesn’t perform to our specifications is sent back, at our cost.

Occasionally, when we get to the end of a rubber batch, we get a small number of teats that don’t perform as well. It’s only a small number, but don’t worry, we 100% stand behind our products so you can get on with your calves, knowing we are right beside you.

Milk Bar™ Teats now feature ground-breaking Drip Resistant Technology (patents pending) for ultimate teat performance. Teats that last longer, healthier calves.


Made from a renewable natural source, Milk Bar™ Teats contain no oil or synthetic rubber. Only premium natural rubber from carefully selected regions goes into our teats.

In recent times, climatic changes have altered some of the qualities in the rubber which can reduce teat performance. That's why some teats last until weaning, and some don’t.

Delivering a premium product is our priority, so we’ve worked hard to find a solution. Our new, highly innovative Drip Resistant Technology helps combat any changes to our rubber source so we can give you the best possible performance in your Milk Bar™ Teats.
A teat that lasts the distance. Healthier, heavier calves. Job done.

Only Milk Bar™ Teats are backed by peer reviewed and published research.

No hearsay, just science.


Anyone who uses Milk Bar™ Teats sees a big difference in their calves. We do to, and we wanted to better understand why the Milk Bar™ Teat has such a profound impact on calf health so, in 2014 a study in New Zealand compared calves fed with the controlled flow Milk Bar™ Teat versus a faster feeding teat with an internal valve.
Tissue samples were analysed and abomasum contents measured using university laboratories.
At the end of the trial there were significant findings!

Calves fed from Milk Bar™ Teats had:
1. Higher average daily gain.
2. Lower levels of lactose.
3. Did not cross suckle post feed.
4. More settled feeding.

The research was peer reviewed and published in the Journal of Applied Animal Nutrition.