Calf Feeders

Milk Bar™ single feeders and bottles
Milk Bar™ open group feeders
Milk Bar™ compartment feeders

No matter what your calf housing set up is, we have the perfect feeder for your farm.

Milk Bar™ feeders have sleek lines to make cleaning easier. The milk channel is deep but nicely sloped so you can get a brush into it.

We’ve made our feeders as light as possible without compromising the strength and durability. As long as you don’t run them over, your Milk Bar™ feeders will last for many years!

Feeders interstack with teats fitted, this is special to Milk Bar, and we did it so you can carry multiple feeders at the same time.

Our feeders have a combination of handles. Sometimes we use a moulded in finger grip and sometimes we do cut out handles. It’s worked out on the width of the feeder to reduce shoulder and back strain. 

We understand that no farm is the same. From gates to rails to steel mesh, no feeder is hung the same so we've made hooks to adapt to any farm.

Moulded hooks

These hooks are a moulded part of the feeder. Cheaper to make, feeders that are one piece are a great option for the budget conscious.

Aluminium hooks

We fit aluminium hooks to feeders that are quite wide so you can just push them onto your rails. We've predrilled them so you can adjust the width to suit your needs.

Ezi Lock Hooks

Ezi Lock Hooks secure feeders to anything up to 75mm wide! Feeders sit tight to the rail and don't tip forward, super important in group feeders so all calves have the same amount.

100% bunt proof, calves can't knock the feeder off, and they can be flipped upside down to fully drain.

We love them, but we also appreciate some people don't, so it's really easy to bolt the aluminium hooks to any Milk Bar™ feeder.

Milk Bar™ single feeders and bottles

For farms using individual feeding systems the Milk Bar™ range of single teat feeders covers all farm set ups from gated hutches to wooden pens. In group feeding systems, it's handy to have a couple of single feeders around for the nursery pen.

To give your calves a flying start, all Milk Bar™ single feeders come fitted with Milk Bar™ Teats and are ready to use.

Milk Bar™ Training Bottle

Product Code: 901100
Perfectly balanced for training young or weak calves.
Fitted with a Milk Bar™ Training Teat to support immunity.

Milk Bar™ 1 3L with Lid

Product Code: 910100
One of our most popular single feeders, the Milk Bar™ 1 gives incredible value for money. It will feed your calves for many years and withstand extreme heat and cold.
Ideal in a nursery pen, for large operations with individual hutches or perfect for calf club calves.

Milk Bar™ 1 4L

Product Code: 910120
We just love this feeder! The easy change teat attachment makes changing teats super easy.
The teat sits to the outside and is fed by a super low milk channel to eliminate any milk waste.
Marked gradients give full control of volume and the 25mm hooks have a self-locking catch.

Milk Bar™ 1 Ezi Lock 8L - Outside Pen

Product Code: 910130
The ultimate single feeder!
The Milk Bar™ 1 Ezi Lock has the capacity for both twice a day feeding and ad libitum feeding.
The nice, low milk channel fully drains the feeder and Ezi Lock Hooks lock it into place.

Milk Bar™ 1 Ezi Lock 8L - Inside Pen

Product Code: 910131
With all the great features of the sister feeder above, this feeder hangs inside the pen and sits securely against the rail. The feeder doesn’t move when calves push against the teat and is ideal in pens or hutches where calves have more space.

Milk Bar™ Euro Bucket 9L

Product Code: 901101
Milk Bar™ Euro Bucket has the highest capacity of the range holding a whopping 9L.
Semi-transparent, the milk level is clear and can been seen from a distance, ideal for ab libitum systems.

Milk Bar™ Vitality System 3L 5 Pack

Product Code: 901200
Designed specifically for farm using bottles, the Vitality System has a colour coded management system and a special aligning socket to make sure the teat is always in the correct position for optimum milk flow.

Milk Bar™ Vitality System 4L 5 Pack

Product Code: 901207
Designed specifically for farm using bottles, the Vitality System has a colour coded management system and a special aligning socket to make sure the teat is always in the correct position for optimum milk flow.

Calf Buddy™ 1 - 9L

Product Code: 900050
A beautiful deep teal, this high quality hutch bucket is semi transparent so you can check the milk volume and comes with the Calf Buddy™ Teat and Connector to control the milk flow for optimum health.

Milk Bar™ 1 Adjustalock

Product Code: 910102
The Milk Bar™ 1 Adjustalock secures both the Milk Bar™ 1 and the Milk Bar™ 1 4L to gates. By hanging the Adjustalock at any height, you can make sure the teat is at the right height for better calf performance.

Milk Bar™ open group feeders

The key to easy group feeding is the Milk Bar™ Teat. The milk flow is controlled and the calf’s suckling instinct is satisfied so they no longer feel the need to cross suckle after feeding. With this problem solved, it’s just a matter of deciding how many calves you want in a group! If you work on around 1.5 - 2 sq meters per calf, then your group size will be perfectly aligned with your available space.

Milk Bar™ Ad Lib 4

Product Code: 910900
A controlled milk flow in ad lib systems is critical to prevent nutritional diarrhoea. The Milk Bar™ Ad Lib Range allows you to totally control milk flow by moving the teat position.

Milk Bar™ XL 4

Product Code: 910180
The Milk Bar™ 4 was originally designed for buffalo calves who have really big heads!
The wider spacing makes this a brilliant feeder for calves that are being milk fed for longer and who need the extra space for shoulders.

Milk Bar™ 5

Product Code: 910200
Small but perfectly formed, we know, the Milk Bar™ 5 is probably not enough capacity for some feeding systems, but its dear to our hearts as the first ever Milk Bar gravity fence hanging feeder and started us on our journey helping calves around the world.

Milk Bar™ 5EL

Product Code: 910203
A bigger volume than the heritage Milk Bar™ 5, the Milk Bar™ 5 EL is ideal for group hutches of 5 calves.
A nice teat spacing also makes this an ideal feeder for teaching young grouped calves.

Milk Bar™ 6

Product Code: 910300
The perfect size for a group hutch or a calf pen.
Such a lovely light feeder to handle but has exceptional durability.
A global best seller!

Milk Bar™ Lid for MB6, AdLib 4, XL4, 5EL

Product Code: 962501
Say goodbye to flies, straw and shavings getting into your feeders! This Milk Bar™ Lid fits the Milk Bar™ 4, Milk Bar™ 6, Milk Bar 5EL™ and the Milk Bar™ 4 Ad Lib.

Milk Bar™ XL 8

Product Code: 910330
Popular with veal and buffalo farmers, the Milk Bar™ 8 is super robust to take the punishment of bigger calves.
Wide teat spacing allows calves shoulders room for farms who are feeding milk right through to 12 weeks or beyond.

Milk Bar™ 10

Product Code: 910400
The iconic Milk Bar™ 10 is a best seller the world over.
With sleek lines it not only looks great but has incredible functionality making it the perfect feeder no matter what size your calf operation.

Milk Bar™ Eco 10

Product Code: 927100
With moulded plastic hooks to fit 50mm rails the Eco 10 is light and functional. A brilliant option for the budget conscious calf shed.

Milk Bar™ XL 10

Product Code: 910450
Another feeder for extra big calves! The large volume to teat ratio is ideal for high volume systems.
This feeder is wider and so we fitted it with aluminium hooks so you can just push it onto the rails.

Milk Bar™ 12

Product Code: 910500
Being longer and heavier we’ve incorporated a cut out at the front so you can pull the feeder up and away when calves have finished feeding.

Milk Bar™ 13

Product Code: 910600
Sitting nice and neatly along the front of the pen, the Milk Bar™ 13 has a wider teat spacing to accommodate the calves shoulders.

Milk Bar™ 18

Product Code: 910700
A super long feeder, the Milk Bar™ 18 has seven brace handles to help handling and to give the unit some rigidity.
A nicely shaped drainage channel and tap help with cleaning.

Milk Bar™ 20

Product Code: 910800
It’s the solid base that makes the Milk Bar™ 20 a bestseller and a brilliant solution for larger groups of calves.
Calves cannot go under the feeder to knock it over so you can simply fill it and walk away.

Top Tip! Milk Bar™ feeders sit vertical to rails.

Milk Bar™ feeders sit tight to the rail and don’t tip forward. If a feeder tips forward, then the calves in the middle gets more milk.


Milk Bar™ compartment feeders

Using the Milk Bar™ Teat makes feeding calves with a compartment feeder much easier.

The Milk Bar™ Teat controls and regulates the milk flow and evens out the feeding speed amongst calves. This is important for compartment feeders as if one calf finishes first, she will bunt her neighbour off and cause all sorts of mischief.

Milk Bar™ 2 Compartment

Product Code: 912100
The Milk Bar™ 2 Compartment is made for the Buddy System where two calves are paired from birth. The compartments allow you to monitor the calves to be sure they are a good match.

Milk Bar™ 3 Compartment

Product Code: 912200
Great for training pens, or little groups the Milk Bar™ 3 Compartment is a handy addition to any calf rearing system.

Milk Bar™ 4 Compartment

Product Code: 912250
Fitted with Ezi Lock Hooks, you can use this feeder either in small pens, or by putting two side by side you can also use it for larger groups.
The Ezi Lock Hooks keeps the feeders in place while you fill them.

Milk Bar™ 5 Compartment

Product Code: 912300
The Milk Bar™ 5 Compartment is ideal for group hutches, for training pens or for calves that need a little more love and attention.

Milk Bar™ 10 Compartment

Product Code: 912400
Quite a large feeder, the total capacity is 70L while the compartments hold 2.5L.
For high concentrate/ low volume systems this is ideal.
For higher volume systems, fill the feeder to give calves 7L each.

Milk Bar™ 15 Compartment

Product Code: 912500
The Milk Bar™ 15 Compartment is a specialised unit to fill the needs of a few select farms.
Contact us to see if the Milk Bar™ 15 Compartment is right for your farm.