Published research

At Milk Bar® we are dedicated to designing products that improve animal health and are user friendly. We have invested a lot of time and energy into research to really understand what goes on when a calf is fed with different methods. We want you to know how different feeding methods affect the calf so you can make an informed decision on your farm.

These interesting research studies have been undertaken with clinical controls to really identify the truth from the guesswork. If you have any questions or would like more information, please drop us a line

Milk Bar™ Research Trial 2014

Focus: The digestive system

In 2014 an independent study was commissioned to evaluate the implications of fast feeding on the digestive system of young calves. The findings opened a new level of understanding on how the digestive system works and how lactose absorption is negatively impacted by fast feeding.

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Vigortone Trial

Focus: Weight gain

In 2008 a trial in the USA discovered the positive weight gains and increased starter ration consumption for calves fed on Milk Bar™ Teats.

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Moorepark Trial

Focus: Time efficiency

The highly regarded Moorepark Research Farm in Ireland conducted a trial focusing on the time efficiency of different calf rearing systems. The Milk Bar™ System came out as the most time and labour reducing system.

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QCONZ Brazil Trial

Focus: Overall health

In 2016 the Milk Bar™ System was implemented into three separate farms with the key factors of weight, time and incidences of diarrhoea recorded.

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Hungarian Pail Trial

Focus: Weight gain

This trial compared weight gains from calves fed with Milk Bar™ Teats and calves fed from a traditional bucket.

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Italian Buffalo Trial

Focus: Weaning time

In Italy, 2017 the impact of using Milk Bar™ Teats with Buffalo calves was recorded. The results of higher weight gains have allowed the Buffalo farmers to wean a lot earlier to reduce costs.

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