Milk Bar ™ Teat Tool

Product Code: 950400

We use pull through teats for the exceptional hygiene and security.
Teats with threads can loosen as calves drink and cleaning is fiddly.
However pull through teats have one drawback, they are fitted tightly and so can be hard to remove!
The Teat Tool plucks teats out of feeders with ease and takes the hassle out of replacing teats.

So easy to use!

  1. Place the Teat Tool around the teat.
  2. Pull the lever back so the teat is gripped firmly.
  3. Using the curved side of the Teat Tool against the feeder as a lever, pull the teat from the feeder.

To insert a new teat:

  1. Poke the tip of the teat through the hole.
  2. Either with pliers or by hand, pull the teat through as far as is easy.
  3. Tighten the Teat Tool around the teat and pull it right through until it is secured within the feeder wall.

One Teat Tool. Made from heavy duty galv steel.