Milk Bar™ 1 4L

Product Code: 910120

This fabulous feeder interstacks with the teats fitted so you can carry multiple feeders to the calf pens and reduce storage space.
The teat is locked into place with two arms making this easy change teat system is a hit with people who find the pull through style challenging.
Gradients are marked every 250 ml for super accuracy and there is no waste with the low milk channel.
Fitted with a Milk Bar™ Teat to maximise saliva production.

You can hang the Milk Bar™ 1 4L on rails or pipes up to 25mm wide. Make sure you don’t force the feeder onto a wider rail as it can result in cracking the base of the hook.
This feeder is made from a different manufacturing process and so while it may not be as durable as the rest of the range, it has such great features that it is very popular!
To give your calves the best drinking position, hang the Milk Bar™ 1 4L on a rail around 80cm high. This puts the teat at 60cm which is the optimum height for calves and helps the oesophageal groove to close.

How do I change my teats?

Changing teats on this feeder is incredibly easy!

  1. Open the teat arms
  2. Remove the teat and replace with a new teat
  3. Click the arms pack into place!


Milk is a difficult substance to clean off of surfaces. You need hot water to remove the fat, but the heat can bake the protein onto the surface. Using warm water to get rid of the protein leaves a film of fat. When fats and proteins stick to the surface of equipment, they form a biofilm, a nutrient-rich layer in which bacteria grow.
The biofilm protects bacteria from the cleaning process and results in equipment that appears clean but has bacteria on the surface. The cleaning process not only needs to remove fat and protein from surfaces but prevent the formation of a biofilm.

Made from renewable, high quality natural rubber, Milk Bar™ Teats are kinder to the environment. Natural rubber absorbs the milk fat and protein which can cause the teats to become softer and start to drip. The milk flow can become faster, decreasing calf performance.

Recommended cleaning: Use Milk Bar™ Detergent, a dishwashing detergent, or any other non-chlorine/ chloride dairy detergent twice a week. Important! Chlorine/chloride based dairy detergents degrade natural rubber which reduces teat performance and voids any warranty.

  1. Rinse your teats with water.
  2. Use a gentle detergent, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use Chlorine/chloride based dairy detergents!
  3. Using a brush, lightly scrub the outside of the teats making sure to bend the teats. By bending the teats, any milk gets pushed back inside the feeder so the detergent can make contact with the inside of the teat wall.
  4. Rinse clean.
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The Milk Bar™ 1 4L comes with the teat fitted and ready to use.

Volume: 4L
Weight: 700gm
Length: 210mm
Height: 210mm
Width: 210mm

Warranty: The feeder has a two year warranty with proof of purchase.
The warranty does not apply to consumable parts (teats and hooks).
Milk Bar Teats are made from a natural rubber with no synthetic or oil based additives.
NZ Pat Apps 757655 & 767633 & 727000. NZ Des Reg. 420972 PCT Patent Applications NZ2016/050190 & NZ2020/050110 International Patents and Designs pending or apply.