Milk Bar™ Vitality System 4L 5 Pack

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The Vitality System combines all the benefits of the Milk Bar™ Teat with a unique colour coded management system.
The teat slides into a coloured clip that clicks onto the bottle cap.
By simply matching the coloured teat clip to the corresponding hutch tag you can be sure the calf is drinking from the right teat right through till weaning.
This simple but effective management tool takes the guess work out of rearing bottle fed calves so the calves enjoy all the health benefits of the Milk Bar™ Teat.
Easy to install and use, it’s brilliant for bottle fed calves.

We know that when a calf drinks 1 litre in under 2 minutes the lactose absorption is reduced which impacts daily weight gain and increases the risk of nutritional diarrhoea as lactose passes through the intestines.
For optimum health calves should start with a new Milk Bar™ Teat and stay with that teat, or a teat of a similar age until weaning.
The Vitality Management System gives you a simple method to ensure all calves are drinking at the correct speed until weaning.

Each week is allocated a colour and calves born in that week are tagged and identified by that allocated colour.

  1. Fit a NEW Milk Bar™ Teat to the Teat Clip.
  2. Snap the Teat Clip into the Bottle Cap and screw to the bottle.
  3. Attach a Vitality Tag of the same colour as the Teat Clip to the calf’s pen, hutch or chute.
  4. At feed times, simply match the teat clip to the hutch tag.

When calves from Week 1 are weaned, remove the worn Milk Bar™ Teat from the Vitality Bottle Cap and insert a new Milk Bar™ Teat for calves born in Week 11.

Smaller farms with 10 calves or less being fed at a time can also use the Milk Bar™ Vitality System. Simply allocate a different colour for each calf.

For pairing, or grouping calves, simply use two or more Teat Clips of the same colour and continue to match the coloured Teat Clips to the Vitality Tag until weaning.

Important! When calves are weaned it is important to discard the used Milk Bar Teats. By now they will be worn and will feed young calves too quickly.

Installing the Vitality System is simple. The pack contains all the parts you need to attached the chute to both vertical and horizontal bars.
Once the chute is fixed to the hutch, it will stay there and is made from robust, weather proof material.
Each pack of Milk Bar Vitality System comes complete to equip five hutches or pens.
5 Milk Bar™ Vitality Bottle 3L
5 Milk Bar™ Vitality Bottle Cap
5 Milk Bar™ Vitality Bottle Chute
5 Milk Bar™ Vitality Aligning Socket
1 Milk Bar™ Training Teat 
10 Milk Bar™ Teat
10 Milk Bar™ Vitality Teat Clips (one of each colour)
10 Milk Bar™ Vitality Vitality Tags (one of each colour)
There are extra Milk Bar™ Teats and coloured teat clips if you need them. When setting up your farm, allow one bottle per hutch, for example, for 10 hutches you will need two packs of the Vitality System.

Milk is a difficult substance to clean off of surfaces. You need hot water to remove the fat, but the heat can bake the protein onto the surface. Using warm water to get rid of the protein leaves a film of fat. When fats and proteins stick to the surface of equipment, they form a biofilm, a nutrient-rich layer in which bacteria grow.
The biofilm protects bacteria from the cleaning process and results in equipment that appears clean but has bacteria on the surface. The cleaning process not only needs to remove fat and protein from surfaces but prevent the formation of a biofilm.
All Milk Bar™ Teats are made from a natural rubber. Natural rubber absorbs the milk fat and protein which causes the teats to become softer.
Using an Alkali Detergent a few times a week with strip the milk fat and protein from the rubber so your calves can enjoy the controlled flow for longer.

Cleaning the bottle cap:
There is no need to remove the teat from the cap for cleaning.

  1. Rinse the caps with water.
  2. Use an alkali detergent, following the manufacturers instructions.
  3. Soak the caps for 10 minutes in the detergent.
  4. Rinse clean.
    Important! Do not soak caps for more than 20 minutes and allow to dry thoroughly before the next use. Using a basket allows all caps to dry.

Cleaning the bottles:

  1. Rinse the bottle with water.
  2. Use an alkali detergent, following the manufacturers instructions.
  3. Putting the cap back onto the bottle, give it a shake to dispense the detergent.
  4. A few times a week, use a bottle brush to lightly scrub the bottle.
  5. Rinse clean.

Comes with all the parts and fixings to equip five hutches or pens.
Warranty: The bottles, caps, fixing brackets and chute have a two year warranty with proof of purchase.
The warranty does not apply to consumable parts (teats and clips).

Milk Bar™ Teats are made from a natural rubber with no synthetic or oil based rubber.

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Learn about the benefits of using the Vitality System:

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