Milk Bar ™ Training Teat

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A combination of controlled flow with a softer rubber formulation makes the Milk Bar™ Training Teat perfect for training young calves or supporting weaker calves.
The teat design encourages the correct suckling action so calves produce enough saliva.
Saliva has antimicrobial properties to boost immunity and also provides Pre-Gastric LIPASE which is necessary for the digestion of fats.
"Pancreatic Lipase activity is highest in calves fed with a teat vs bucket" (Nelson & al, 1977)
The Milk Bar™ Training Teat can be supplied with a round back for tube feeders upon request.

Getting the first few feeds right are critical to the overall performance of the calf. The calf needs to suckle properly to produce saliva. Saliva has antimicrobial properties and combined with the iGg in the colostrum, helps to boost immunity.
It’s tempting to use a fast flow teat to train calves. Try to resist, a fast flow teat puts the digestive system under pressure and calves do not produce enough saliva!

  1. Use a bottle or feeder with a Milk Bar™ Training Teat for the first two or three days.
  2. When calves are fully trained, move them onto the Milk Bar™ Teat for optimum calf performance.

The softer rubber compound is specific for training but the flow is a little faster than the Milk Bar™ Teat. Changing to the more controlled flow of the Milk Bar™ Teat safeguards calves against the harmful effects of fast feeding.

How do I change my teats?

Milk Bar Teats have a pull through design to sit snugly against the feeder wall for optimum hygiene. However, while this is the most hygienic system, it can also be difficult to change teats!
Use a Teat Tool: This is by far the easiest method. The purpose designed Teat Tool plucks the teat from the feeder with minimal effort in seconds.
Pull the teats out by hand: When removing by hand, make sure to either pull the teat directly down or up. If you try to pull the teat straight out, it will be a tough job!
Cut the teats out: Make sure the blade is sharp and you use the knife away from you. Be sure to check the teat alignment is correct and the slit is vertical!

Milk Bar™ Teats are made from a natural rubber. Natural rubber absorbs the milk fat and protein which causes the teats to become softer. Using an Alkali Detergent a few times a week with strip the milk fat and protein from the rubber so your calves can enjoy the controlled flow for longer.

  1. Rinse your teats with water.
  2. Use an alkali detergent, following the manufacturers instructions.
  3. Using a brush, lightly scrub the outside of the teats making sure to bend the teats. By bending the teats, any milk gets pushed back inside the feeder so the detergent can make contact with the inside of the teat wall.
  4. Rinse clean.
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Milk Bar™ Training Teats come in packs of 10 pieces.
Milk Bar™ Training Teat: 10 pack Code 900300
The Milk Bar™ Training Teat is available with a round back at special request.

Milk Bar™ Teats are made from a natural rubber with no synthetic or oil based rubber.
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