Milk Bar™ Colour Code

Product Code: 700301

Milk Bar™ Teats are scientifically formulated to replicate the correct milk flow and suckling action.
Calves produce maximum saliva to boost immunity and improve digestion.
Using a Milk Bar™ Teat for more than one calf softens the rubber and calves can drink too quickly.
Calves that drink too quickly cross suckle after feeding and suffer from nutritional diarrhoea and poor weight gains.
Follow the Teat from birth to weaning to make raising healthy calves easy. Using the Milk Bar™ Colour Code makes this super simple.

Simple and easy, the Milk Bar Colour Code system allows you to identify calf and feeder at a glance.
For smaller farms where you have one or two calves per week, allocate each calf its own colour.
For larger farms, allocate all calves born in a week the same colour.
Match feeder tag to hutch tag and your done!

Individual to group

The key to successfully raising healthy calves in this popular system is to control the age of the teat for each calf.
The Follow the Teat System allows for farms of all sizes to successfully make groups of calves who will be feeding at a similar speed while controlling the drinking speed from birth to weaning.

  1. Fit a new Milk Bar Teat to your Milk Bar single feeder. Use the Milk Bar Colour Code system and tag the feeder and the hutch. This feeder stays with this calf for the training period.
  2. When you have enough calves to make a group, remove the Milk Bar Teat from each of the single feeders and insert them into the group feeder. This group feeder now stays with these calves until weaning.
  3. Place a new Milk Bar Teat into the now un needed Milk Bar single feeder ready for the next calf.

Important: Ensuring calves get enough milk volume is important.
Make sure calves have no more than a two week age difference in your groups.
Bigger calves need more milk so its best to group large calves together.

Individual till weaning

The key to success in this system is to keep the same Milk Bar Teat with the same calf from birth till weaning. This means that when the calf is young she is feeding from a new Milk Bar Teat where the controlled flow is so crucial to boost immunity. If you swap feeders between calves there is a danger of giving a feeder to a young calf that has an older, more worn teat. This teat will be feeding at a slightly faster flow which the older calf can manage but, for the young calf it can lead to health problems we want to avoid! Its simple to use the Milk Bar Colour Code system. At a glance you can make sure that each calf has her own feeder.

  1. Fit a new Milk Bar Teat to your single feeder.
  2. Either number or colour code the feeder and the hutch. This feeder stays with this calf until weaning.
  3. After weaning, replace the old, worn teat with a new Milk Bar Teat ready for the next calf.

Pairs or Groups from Day 1

There is a lot of work being done around housing calves in twos from day one.
This system is often referred to as the Buddy System.
Studies in the US and Canada show improvements in feed and weight uptake and the cognitive development in calves raised in pairs. The biggest drawback for calves in twos or groups is that if they are fed from a bucket or a fast flow teat, they cross suckle vigorously. The damage cross suckling causes can have a long term impact to the calfs future production capability so it is especially important they are fed with a Milk Bar Teat from Day 1 until weaning to control the flow.

  1. Fit new Milk Bar Teats to two single feeders or a Milk Bar 2 Compartment.
  2. Either number or colour code the feeder and the hutch. This feeder stays with these calves until weaning, or until they transition into a larger group.
  3. If you move them to a larger group, use the Follow the Teat System and transfer the Milk Bar Teats from the Milk Bar 2 Compartment to the larger group feeder.

Wash with an alkali detergent when you wash your feeder.

There are 10 colour available in the Colour Code. Each colour comes in a packet of 10 and includes a fixing strap.
901261 Milk Bar Colour Code - Yellow Tags (10 pcs)
901262 Milk Bar Colour Code - Orange Tags (10 pcs
901263 Milk Bar Colour Code - Red Tags (10 pcs)
901264 Milk Bar Colour Code - Pink Tags (10 pcs)
901265 Milk Bar Colour Code - Dark Blue Tags (10 pcs)
901266 Milk Bar Colour Code - Light Blue Tags (10 pcs)
901270 Milk Bar Colour Code - Black Tags (10 pcs)
901267 Milk Bar Colour Code - Green Tags (10 pcs)
901268 Milk Bar Colour Code - Grey Tags (10 pcs)
901269 Milk Bar Colour Code - White Tags (10 pcs)