QCONZ Brazil Trial

QCONZ Brazil Trial

This trial took part in Brazil in 2016. Three different farms were chosen to cover all facets of the market.

Farm 1

A small traditional family run farm

Farm 2

A medium sized operation operating in a traditional way but with some technology

Farm 3

A large commercial operation with large staff and modern equipment

All three farms were traditionally using a fast feeding teat with a valve fitted.
Calves were monitored for weight, behaviour (cross suckling and contentment), time factors and appearance and quality of the calves.


All three farms who trialled the Milk Bar™ Teat experienced huge time reductions with an average reduction of 93 minutes per day. The calves had remarkable decreases in diarrhoea. The calves were more content and incidences of cross suckling and unsettled behaviour were eliminated. The calves looked better, were heavier and had better coats.
Source: QCONZ Zelandia