Innovation doesn’t just happen and the award winning Milk Bar range was born from years of dairy farming experience.

We think that rearing healthy calves, kids and lambs is the key to improving your profits and quality of life and Milk Bar products are here to help you do that.

Milk Bar feeders are fitted with Award Winning Milk Bar Teats. Milk Bar Teats are designed to feed at the speed that nature intended and with the correct suckling action. As a result your animals can be as healthy as if they were still on mum!

We understand the knocks equipment takes and our great production team produce top quality gear for your farm.

Browse around our fantastic range of products and check out our great Rearing Tips. Please contact us with any questions or to see a Milk Bar team member at your place.

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  • “2009 was our first year using Milk Bar Teats, (although we have been rearing calves for 20 years) and we had no scours at all! We saved money with no vet bills and saved time through not having to treat sick calves. The Milk Bar Teats are really easy to clean and the calves are easy to train on them. We found the calves drank at an even rate and as we use compartment feeders, the consistency was really good!
    Because the calves feed evenly on Milk Bar Teats it gave us time to check the water and add more Meal and Hay, and we even had time to actually observe the calves whilst they are content with drinking. As a bonus, our Milk Bar Teats lasted the whole season and never leaked, unlike other teats used in the past.”

    – B & S Lowe
  • “We purchased a Milk Bar 60 teat mobile and 5 x Milk Bar 10 feeders last June. We have found these to be incredibly easy to use and clean, with the calves doing well and having no scours at all during the season. We highly recommend the Milk Bar feeders”
    – D&S Alexander, Winton, New Zealand
  • “I like using the Milk Bar feeders. They’re easy to use, carry and put over the fence.  My calves do really well on the Milk Bar Teats. I do well at Calf club and have won Champion for rearing. Thank you Milk Bar”
    – K Roberts, Te Awamutu, New Zealand
  • “We have been using Milk Bar Calf Feeders for about 14 years. All the feeders (especially the Mobile) are so easy to use and clean. Last year we started with the Milk Bar Colostrum Teats. They are great for the new born calves- nice and soft for them. Our vet bills are almost nil, we don’t get nutritional scours. Overall we are extremely pleased with Milk Bar Products”.
    – Mathews, Ohaupo, New Zealand
  • “Since changing to Milk Bar Teats and feeders our calf mortality has all but disappeared.  We have none of the problems we thought were normal for calf rearing.  Our calves rarely cross suck and our nutritional scours is now virtually nil.  This has saved us enormous amounts of time and money.
    Our Milk Bar rep assisted us with our calf shed set up and was full of information.  Our shed now runs like clockwork, again saving us time and money.
    All Milk Bar products are easty to use and have stand out features that set them apart.  The reps are great to deal with and can really help in setting up or changing calf sheds.  We recommend using Milk Bar to anyone rearing a calf.”

    – J.E Waikeria
  • “It only took a few days for our calves to work out how to lift the lids.  The meal stays dry and we’ve had no issues with birds fouling the meal!  I thoroughly recommend the Milk Bar Meal Saver to anyone else rearing calves and as a dry option for feeding PKE to older stock.”
    – B Latter 

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